Make-Up Policy


"What if I miss a class while enrolled in a session?"
(applicable classes: Bellydance, ITS, Cymbals, & Percussion)

With advanced written notice, enrolled students may arrange to make-up two absences per course per session by taking another class within the same session as the absences. Please notify your teacher, via email, to let them know 1) the date of the missed class & 2) the date and class title of your desired make-up class. Because all classes build over the course of the session, we encourage students to limit their absences as much as possible. When a foreseen absence is unavoidable, please let us know ASAP so we can notify the relevant teachers. Thank you.

Teacher emails:

Dress Code & Props

"What should I wear to class? Should I bring anything special?"

Bellydance & ITS:
Wear tighter-fitting, comfortable clothing so the teacher can observe your movement. We enjoy wearing a sash or belt around our hips for added weight and to highlight hip movements. You can purchase a hip-scarf at the studio, wear any old piece of material around your hips, or even a regular trousers belt! It is helpful to show your belly in order to practice many of the core movements but a tight shirt will work just fine if you are not comfortable dancing in your sports bra. We like to dance barefoot but dance shoes are allowed if you prefer. We suggest bringing socks in case we practice spinning and you don't have callouses on the balls of your feet yet.
Please bring: finger cymbals (BD2-3 & ITS 4)
You might also want: socks, hip sash, note-taking materials, water bottle

Comfortable clothing & sneakers.
 Please bring: water bottle

Please bring a percussion instrument (doumbek, frame drum, riq, finger cymbals) 
You might also want: note-taking materials, water bottle

Progress & Performance

"How long does it take to become amazing at bellydance once I start?"

The real answer is 10 years, but no one wants to hear that and you CAN BE GREAT in one year, with dedicated practice. It takes between 1-3 sessions of Bellydance 1 to pass the assessment. It takes between 2-6 sessions to master the lessons in Bellydance 2.  If you practice consistently outside of class, supplement with private lessons, or come to The Rose with prior training, you can train into the Bellydance 3 class in as little as 6 months, though it usually takes one to two years for brand new beginners. Like we said, it takes 10 years to be amazing anyway, so you might as well enjoy and get the most out of your training time in classes at Rose Movement Studio!

One reason we love ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style) so much is the focus and precision it requires! There is no better exercise than ITS in order to learn to train your body and mind toward becoming an amazing dancer in any style.

Here are some tips:
Practice at home between classes
Come to class fed, awake, and emotionally present
Take notes and video
Practice things slowly before speeding them up
Remember your breath and body posture as you learn each new lesson
Only practice the number of layers you can do correctly
Leave your ego at the door!

"When do I start performing?"

Once dancers pass the first level of Bellydance or ITS, performance opportunities are available.