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Orientalis Guest Artist Workshop Series

  • Rose Movement Studio 2015 East Riverside Drive Austin, TX, 78741 United States (map)

Enroll in 1 or more workshops taught by "Orientalis" visiting artists!

“Ouled Nail Dance” with Kimberly Larkspur

Tuesday, November 17
6:15-7:45 pm

After a brief discussion of the history of the Ouled Nail, their distinct styles of dress and ornamentation, and their relevance to the development of American Belly Dance, we'll delve into a light-hearted choreography constructed with movement drawn from photographs, film footage, and primary-source descriptions of performances from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Suitable for all levels.


“From Çengis to Čočeks” with Jenna Shear

Tuesday, November 17

The appellation kocek was first used during Ottoman times. This all-encompassing term referred to professional male dancers (females dancers were more often known as cengis), the dancers’ accompanying music, and later the dance form itself. Throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, male and female members of "Othered" communities performed variations of the kocek as professional dancers, often hired as aristocratic, courtly, military, and tavern entertainment. In this workshop, we will explore a bit of this history and experiment with two modern day descendants of the kocek. The first is a dance performed by men for men, which simultaneously subverts and affirms gender norms. The other holds special importance for women and alternately uplifts or oppresses them depending on the context. Bring your zills! 


“Hula Hoop/Bellydance Cross Training” with Monique Ryan

Wednesday, November 18

Work up a sweat while learning how hula hooping can benefit your bellydance practice. Several hooping tricks and combinations will be taught. The workshop is intended for those with any level of bellydance experience, and little to no hooping experience (some advanced options can be given to those with more hoop experience).

Monique can also take orders for collapsible hoops if you would like to purchase.

There are 2 different kinds of collapsible hoops:

Adult Exercise (thick) Collapsible Hoops $60 USD

These hoops are great for beginners and break down into 4 pieces, for easy transportation. They come in medium (38") and large (42") sizes. The tubing is 3/4" inner diameter (1" outer diameter), these hoops are just as sturdy as a regular hoop .

Polypro (thin) Collapsible Hoops  $50 USD
Thinner and lighter than our regular exercise hoops, great for hand hooping and off-the-body tricks, as well as on-the-body hooping for those with more experience. Because of their lighter weight, they move faster and are more difficult to keep up on the body, providing a challenge for advanced hoopers. They break down into 4 pieces and come in 3 sizes:  32", 36" and 38". The tubing is 5/8" inner diameter (3/4" outer diameter).

Here is a link to the colour chart for collapsible hoops.

*Say you are from Austin for a $10 discount!!


“Veil Work for American Cabaret” with Laura Selenzi

Wednesday, November 17

The classic American Cabaret performance began with the dancer wrapped in a veil (or veils) which were then used to energetically capture the audiences attention, extend movements and spins, frame areas of the body, create mysterious silhouettes and to partially veil the dancer.  In this workshop we will learn a short choreography exemplifying this beautiful style of veil work, as well as an exciting assortment of veil wraps.


“Oriental Fantasy” (Exotic Dance and floorwork) with Michelle Sorensen

Saturday, November 21

Come learn a short and sassy 1970s inspired exotic dance routine with a little taste of Orientale!  We'll start with a veil intro, and then move to the floor for some slinky tricks. Please dress in stretchy layers and bring knee pads if your knees are sensitive to the floor! Also bring an open mind and readiness to sweat!



$35 Single Workshop

$60 for Two-Workshop Package($10 savings)

$90 for Three-Workshop Package ($15 savings) 

$120 for Four Workshop Package ($20 savings)

$150 Complete Package for Five-Workshop ($25 savings)

Earlier Event: October 17
Studio Open House & Hafla/Drum Jam
Later Event: November 20