Bellydance at The Rose

 Jamie Lynn and Co. at Orientalis 2015

Jamie Lynn and Co. at Orientalis 2015

We see bellydance as...

the disciplined dance technique of an entertainment profession that began in Egypt, has been adopted by cultures all over the world, and has persisted throughout history. Bellydance is a social dance, practiced primarily among women, in an intimate celebratory setting. The rhythm and melodic lines in music directly inspire the choreography of this, often solo improvisational, dance form. In the modern western context bellydance inspires, for many, radical self acceptance, body positivity, and connection to community.

Interested in giving bellydance a try? We offer classes from absolute beginner to advanced levels.

At Rose Movement Studio we recommend individuals begin with Bellydance Stage 1 class where students learn foundational movements, Arabic rhythms and instrumentation, as well as the rich history of this dance form.

A great way to get extra practice along the way is to enroll in our all-levels Bellydance Conditioning class.

In our intermediate Bellydance Stage 2 class, we start learning more complex, layered, and traveling movements.  Students begin practicing finger cymbal patterns and we learn combinations of choreography. 

In our advanced Bellydance Stage 3 class, students learn how to play Middle-Eastern rhythms and frills with finger cymbals while dancing complex techniques and combos to Arabic rhythms. 

If you are up for a next-level challenge, our Bellydance Projects class is where we really go crazy with highly advanced technique drills and fusion choreographies.

At Rose Movement Studio we love classic bellydance & fusion, so the combos and choreographies we practice usually contain a bit of old-world and new-school vibes.  Join us for one of our quarterly parties, where the students, dance companies, and soloists of The Rose perform in a laid-back friendly atmosphere!

We aim to make every class informative, FUN, and a good work-out. Additionally, we see disciplined dance practice as a spiritual practice, akin to meditation, where the primary purpose is to see past ego and find connection. 

We look forward to seeing you in class!

 Najla and Co. at Orientalis 2015

Najla and Co. at Orientalis 2015